Scott Davies

Born in Chicago, after serving in the US Navy, Scott Davies settled in Los Angeles where he worked as a mobile DJ and later joined his brother Chuck in running a small chain of audio stores. All during this period, Scott worked weddings and parties as a DJ and loved every minute of it. So it was only natural that after they closed their retail business, the brothers Davies ended up creating a new company called American DJ. At the time their company started, there were no affordable and reliable lights aimed at the mobile DJ market. The brothers distinguished their start-up business by doing things differently. For example, the inexpensive mobile lights available at the time did not come with plugs or lamps. The Davies changed that by including both in their products. They also stood out by standing behind their products with a 100% guarantee. Their efforts were rewarded with a dedicated flock of loyal customers.

As their business grew, they hired more DJs to join the company. Never losing touch with his DJs roots, Scott continued to perform — and he continued to show his appreciation for the support his fellow DJs had given his lighting company by hosting parties and sponsoring give-ways and learning events. Serving as the “public face” of American DJ during that period, Scott has made it a point to be very visible and accessible to all customers, even as American DJ grew into a strong global company. He’s never been too busy to sit and chat for hours with any DJ about work, family (he has seven daughters) and their concerns. He is fond of saying “without our customers, we wouldn’t be anywhere and we will always be grateful to them.” He has instilled this philosophy in everyone at American DJ.

As of January 2013, Scott retired from American DJ after more than 25 years of service. Following his retirement, Scott intends to pursue other business opportunities, including Arriba Cases, which will manufacture and supply cases for sound and lighting equipment.