Jim Robinson and Pete Werner


Mobile Beat 2014  493

As a true digital audio pioneer at Walt Disney’s Imagineering in the early ‘80s, Jim Robinson was among the first to see how CD technology would revolutionize the music industry; and equally quick to bring his extensive engineering background to bear on finding a solution. As co-founder and president of Promo Only, Jim led the charge, as he continues to do today, to keep the promotional industry on the cutting edge of technology at every turn.

As resident DJ for Disney World’s world-famous Mannequins nightclub, Pete Werner’s turntable skills took home the Dixie Dance Kings ‘DJ of the Year’ award and the coveted ‘Club of the Year’ award for Mannequins no less than seven times. As co-founder and vice-president of Promo Only, Pete’s unwavering commitment to quality and renowned ear for music quickly set the tone for what would become Promo Only’s peerless reputation for premier programming, a tradition that Pete continues to inspire today.