Habits and Programs Part 2

December 12, 2011 by DamonDenton

In Part 1 we discussed habits and how they become installed into you much like a computer program and how they are installed.  In this follow up we will look at how your habits can affect other areas of your life.

During your Awake Time of each day you will continuously experience Up Time and Down Time:

Up Time – This is when you are in the game!  Doing what you do best and showing the world and yourself what you are made of.

Down Time – This is when you should be planning for your Up Time.  What can you do to be able to operate almost automatically during your Up Time?  Preparing will get you ready to perform effortlessly.

What is the best use of your time, both Up and Down Times? What will move you closer to your goals and dreams? Do you habits help or hinder your progress? Finding the answers to these questions help you formulate the habits that make sense and eliminate those that do not.  You are able to choose your habits if you JUST DO IT! (I know, shameless Nike plug) If you have habits you don’t want, CHOOSE to change or loose them and replace them with more positive and productive ones.

During your Down Time it is important to clear our Life’s Clutter:

– In your head
– In your home
– In your office

Helpful Habit Tips

Multi-tasking is a great way to accomplish things.  For many of us in the Event Industry we constantly find ourselves having to multi-task.  Small (or any size for that matter) business owners are the kings and queens of multi-taking.  Keep in mind though that multi-tasking is a division of your thoughts.  Again, much like a computer, if you are running too many programs your “operating system” can get bogged down and at times even freeze up or even worse shut down!

To prevent becoming overwhelmed, focus on something, make it a habit and THEN add something else

It is OK to say “YES” as a habit.  Doing so opens up a world of potential and opportunity.  Remember, you can always say No later.

As it pertains to time, focus on changing at least one habit that prevents you from spending it in a productive manner.  Remember that you can never manage, sow down or regain time.

Get in the habit of changing habits!

The best way to change a habit is to tell everyone you know about the change and have them hold you accountable for doing so.

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