Grund Audio’s LC Series Combines Line Column Arrays and 2.1 Subs

June 24, 2015 by Robert Lindquist

At the recent InfoComm Show in Orlando (6/16-19) I had a chance to get caught up with Frank Grund Grundorf_LC_InfoComm(Grundorf / Grund Audio Designs). I have known Frank for many years and have maintained a huge respect for the products he designs and his company builds. I have been using gear that bares his name for years and have personally specified and installed his loudspeakers in several area churches.

At InfoComm, Frank was showing his Line Column Array Series which includes the new LC-5, LC-9 and LC-9A Column Line Arrays and the LC-2SA, LC-5SA, and LC-8SA subwoofers. You can mix and match any of the units to customize the systems to your needs.

As Frank explained, the advantages of  the Line Column Array design is enhanced speech intelligibility and excellent music reproduction. In addition, the units compact size and relatively high power to weight ratio make them perfect a perfect choice for portable sound. Available in black, white or unfinished, the Line Column Arrays are built using 13-ply Baltic Birch wood for superior performance and cabinet rigidity.
The LC Series 2.1 Subwoofers are all powered systems that incorporate a 2.1 amplifier designed to drive both the subwoofers and stereo satellite column array loudspeakers. The LC-2SA uses a 12-inch LF transducer and 1200 watt Class D amplifier, the LC-5SA has a 15-inch transducer and 1600 watt Class D amplifier,  the LC-8SA is loaded with an 18-inch transducer and 1800 watt Class D amplifier.

All three subs include on-board DSP capabilities with programmable loudspeaker management settings that optimize the column array / subwoofer combination for the specific environment and application. The combination of LC Series Line Column Arrays and Subwoofers is easily expandable from the basic 2.1 system to more elaborate setups, as the DSP / power module can be switched to accommodate larger systems as more loudspeakers are added. MORE INFORMATION

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