Growing Your DJ Company – My Journey & Lessons Learned Pt. 2

March 16, 2017 by Jason Rubio

In my last posting, part 1, I told you about my journey and began discussing mistakes and lessons learned along the way. So I’ll pick up where I left off, which was with my first mistake of low pricing. I quickly learned that I didn’t want to be booked merely because I had one of the best prices. I realized, our DJs, as well as myself, were every bit as good as the other guys, so we deserved to be paid just as much! My question was, how do I raise my prices to that level and attract the clients who do want to pay those prices. So I did my research and tried to figure out what to do differently, which led me to another mistake.

Mistake #2 – Hiring the Wrong People

I noticed that many of my competitors had more DJs than I did, which meant that they had more bookings than me. I wanted to grow and have just as many DJs! At this point, my wife was heavily involved in the business with me. She had to be, since it was literally taking most of my “free” time. We began hiring other DJs. I have been a DJ for such a long time, that I practically knew every DJ in town, so it wasn’t hard to recruit people. I reached out to a few guys I knew and they wanted to work with us! I figured since they had been DJing for so long, they wouldn’t need much training. Wrong.

We had guys showing up to weddings wearing shorts and a baseball cap, not showing up 2 hours before the event (we require this), not playing the “must-play” requests, etc. This led to a few not so great reviews, which really hurt our business. We had to get fire some DJs that I had known for a long time, which was uncomfortable, but it had to be done. We came up with a “DJ expectations” document, which I gave to all our remaining DJs and to new DJs. We sat down with each one of them to thoroughly explain the document, why we came up with it, and what it meant.

This certainly helped and the “rookie mistakes” were no longer happening! We were doing better and earning a little more than before, which was great! The mistakes were corrected, but we still had more to learn. Stay tuned for part 3, to find out what else we did wrong, which will help you learn from our mistakes, not yours!

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