Grow Slow

September 12, 2016 by Joe Bunn

If you’re thinking about making the leap from single op to multi op, I have some advice, expand slowly! There is no reason to go out and start hiring a bunch of full time employees and part time DJs when you don’t have the business to support them.

tortoisehareAt first, try to find one DJ that will be on your team. You’re looking for what I call a “soldier”. They need to be hardworking, good (not necessarily amazing, but trainable) and eventually loyal. I have had great success with finding DJs by placing ads on Craig’s List. Shoot me an email at and I will show you what I post. Once you get them for an interview, be open and honest with them! Don’t act like you’re something you’re not. Tell them how long you have been a DJ and that you’re looking to grow into a multi-op and you want them to be one of your first and best DJs. Tell them that you hope to be booking them so much that they will no longer need their personal DJ website (if they have one up). If the first guy shadows and trains with you and you’re getting bookings for him/her, then start the search for maybe a couple more. Again, be honest up front about your plans. They will appreciate it and remember it during the slow times vs. being angry with you for not supplying them with endless hot leads.

As for hiring full timers, don’t do it! At least not yet. Your fledgling company is not needing that person yet. Maybe your star DJ can help you out with some side projects, but that’s all you need. In fact, if you saw me speak at MBLV this year, I mentioned that we do hundreds of events a year at Bunn DJ Company and I’m the ONLY full timer.

Being a multi-op owner of course comes with challenges, but if you grow slow with amazing talent, it can be the greatest. Good luck!

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