Grinding: Blame it on the Baby Boomers?

October 3, 2010 by Ric Hansen

When in doubt call it another failure of the Baby Boomer generation. Crazy. From a Washington Post article this weekend:

“Sexually suggestive dancing was hardly invented by today’s kids. Young people say it is harmless fun, and sometimes it is.

But sometimes there is something more troubling going on: Boys often walk up to girls who don’t already have a boy thrusting his genitals at them and just start right up, no permission sought. Many girls, who even in the 21st century will do nearly anything to win a boy’s attention, allow them to go ahead without a word. Of course, there are some girls who initiate it themselves. That’s no better.

What this points to is the failure of many baby boomers to teach their daughters to respect themselves and their bodies and make their own choices, and to teach their sons to view women and girls as something other than sex objects.”

Wait a minute. Aren’t Baby Boomers actually GRAND PARENTS to high school and younger kids? Is the blame more likley placed on Gen x, y or z.  No, guess not…somehow it all goes back to Woodstock.

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