Great Gobos Made Simple

August 1, 2017 by Mobile Beat

DJs are always on the lookout for new ways to raise the average dollar amount of their event contracts, while providing services that enhance their clients’ overall experiences. Along with uplighting, photo booths and other services, another great add-on is gobo projection, which has become a lucrative up-sell item, especially for wedding receptions, over the last ten years.

However, one aspect of providing this service may keep some DJs from diving in: The toughest part of doing gobo projection has been simply getting the gobo properly designed. Well, this is really not an obstacle, with the debut of the latest Gobo Creator from StageSpot online at StageSpot.Com.

Eight years ago, Stage Spot debuted the first version of this service and, according to Erica Ritchie, CEO of Stage Spot, it was based on the idea that “I just need something simple. Just a few fonts and maybe some designs.” From there it progressed to serve DJs who said “We just want some designs that are pre-made that we can just change the names and dates and be good.”

Gobo Creator has now reached the level where brides can go in and design it themselves and send it to their DJ for updates, or the DJ can go in and design it and send it back to the bride for approval, with full clip art, font tools, curves, and more.


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