Good Times Never Seemed So Good

June 12, 2017 by Mike Ficher

You are playing at a wedding reception. The moment is right. You hit play. Neil Diamond blasts from the powered speakers. The crowd quivers in anticipation and many start singing along. All voices join in, shout-singing the first line of the chorus. The moment arrives. You kill the volume, then—“Bah! Bah! Bah!” Good times certainly never seemed as good as this moment, for this joyous crowd. The next Saturday: The moment is right. You hit play…

“Sweet Caroline” is one of the most enduring and popular songs of all time. A #4 pop and #3 adult contemporary hit in June 1969—then Diamond’s first top ten hit since 1966—the track has appeared on the Mobile Beat Top 200 since its inception, and shows up at #6 this year. Based on the millions of client requests on the DJ Intelligence system, “Sweet Caroline” is the only pre-1970s song to consistently reside in the Top 10 of the the Top 200…

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