Gone are the days of the big BOOM BOX!

October 26, 2015 by Mobile Beat

IMG_0653Yes gone are those days of the big boom box needed that took dual cassette tapes and massive speakers.  Gone is the 8 D-cell batteries to power the sound you need when chilling outside with your tunes.  Now you set your iPhone or similar device on top of the Boom Box Induction Speaker from SharperImage, and you have tunes!

Yea I thought I needed to plug it in to start, because there is a 1/8″ jack on the back of the unit, but it’s not needed.  Literally with reasonable positioning of it setting on top of the speaker, you are rocking and rolling through the innovative design of the speaker pulling and amplifying the sound from the smartphone’s speaker.

This is absolutely perfect for setting up while you are loading your DJ rigs for the weekend and want some tunes.  It will operate for up to 5 hours once charged via the USB plug on the back and is easy to pickup and go via the handle that is integrated into the design.  Check it out at http://www.sharperimage.com/si/view/product/Boom+Box+Induction+Speaker/203969



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