Going to Mobile Beat Las Vegas? Make a plan!

February 7, 2009 by Andy Ebon
Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2009

Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2009

Recently, I presented at, and attended, The Special Event Show 2009 in San Diego. In about 10 days, the Mobile Beat Show will be here, in Las Vegas. For Mobile Beat Las Vegas, I’ll be speaking at three sessions, and also once at a pre-show meeting. The challenge is to be everywhere, without having a clone.

To get the best result, you need to have a plan, AND allow for spontaneity.

Recognize that most conference have multiple components that have different dynamics.

  • Keynote & General Sessions – Presentation to the entire conference.
  • Seminars – Breakouts – Usually several, smaller, concurrent presentations with more specialized content.
  • Tradeshow – Industry providers selling their products and services.
  • Bookstore – Selling industry publications, books, CD’s, DVDs (often including presenters from the show).
  • Meal functions – Sit down meals, often combined with a general session.
  • Planned Social Events – Either on or off-premise, as part of the conference. Sometimes a separate fee is required.
  • Sponsor Social Events – Often, a tradeshow participant will have their own hospitality suite or separately hosted party.

Do your advance work! Scrutinize the conference schedule and zero in on sessions that interest you. Research the speaker’s background and try to validate their expertise. Do not make session decisions on-the-fly. You increase your rate of disappointment.

Within the program or the conference roster (if offered) reconnect with people you know, or seek those would like to meet. If you’d like to spend time with a particular speaker or attendee, find their blog or website, and be in touch, in advance. If they use social networking, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, be in touch with them.

People on Twitter often have spontaneous ‘meet-ups’ at a conference, after a presentation, or just on the fly. Follow those people on Twitter and you’ll be informed,  instantly.

Plan ahead, be organized, leave free time, seek out knowledge and spontaneous opportunity.

Hope to see you at Mobile Beat Las Vegas, or another industry conference during the year.

Andy Ebon
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