Going Through the Motions or Emotions?

September 21, 2017 by Trevor West

Are you going through the motions or are you going through the emotions at your events? Does it feel like your events are just another gig or do you feel that each event is spectacular and the best you’ve ever done? What’s the difference you ask? Well I’m glad you did, going through the motions would feel like you’ve done this before, can’t wait for it to end and collect your check and be gone.

Going through the emotions would be more like, being at a concert, everyone having a good time, don’t ever want it to end and when it does you’re feeling like that was the best night of your life!

Don’t you think your clients deserve to have that same feeling at the end of their night? Don’t you think you should too? Having the right crowd also helps, it makes your night so much easier when the crowd responds to everything you do and say and at the end of the night, they too wish it could have gone longer.

So how do you stop the Going through the motions and start Going through the Emotions? the first step is when you’re meeting your client for the first time, show them the passion you have for doing an event like theirs, don’t just do your sales pitch, but show them why you have a passion for what you do. Next, ask them if there is something in their lives that had a significant meaning to them and see if you can incorporate that into their event. Next, get out from behind the booth and interact with your clients at their event, sitting behind the booth all night shows that your just going through the motions but interacting with your clients and their guests will bring out the emotions.

last but certainly not least, what you say and how you say it on the microphone can tell your audience alot about whether or not your going through the motions or going through the emotions. inflections and tone in your voice can tell them alot, so put a smile in your voice and your crowd will respond! and if it feels like your just going through the motions, then maybe its time to take a break for a day or two, recharge the batteries and come back better than ever.

Happy DJing

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