Going For It Early

January 21, 2017 by Mike Walter

I’ve been on a campaign lately to raise everyone’s performances in our industry and to throw better parties. There are a number of people speaking and hosting workshops to improve your MCing skills and I think those are essential and very important, so I’ve taken a different angle of late, and focused on the dance floor: namely, rockin’ it!

That’s why I’m so excited to be presenting a seminar in Las Vegas at MBLV21 called “10 Things You Can Do To Throw a Better Party.” The title is self-explanatory and my presentation will be loaded with great tips and suggestions along with video footage to back them all up.

One of the things I’ll be discussing is the concept of “Going For It Early.” I think we can stand out as MCs and DJs if we get for the next ninety minutes before even making the decision to get on the floor, and get them moving right away? That’s a great questionandI’lldiscussafewanswerstoitinMarch,buttoavoid this article being one long tease I’ll offer you one right here: Focus on the reason for the celebration. If it’s a wedding you’re DJing everyone in the room has one thing in common: they all love the bride and groom. And that love should translate to joy and happiness. Those are two key factors in people dancing (nobody dances depressed, do they?) So if you tap into that emotion, and hopefully have a couple that loves to dance and helps you break the ice by being some of the first people on the floor, you can easily get the ball rolling and have people moving and grooving way sooner than they expected.

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