Going Above and Beyond

May 12, 2016 by PJ Windle

Throughout the planning process of a wedding, there are bound to be questions that a Bride and Groom would like a professional opinion on.  I firmly believe that if you constantly become a reliable source of assistance during those cases, the client will become more trustworthy of your importance in their special day.  Planning a wedding can be a challenge.  We all have different lives filled with commitments, activities and events that can make planning for a wedding especially difficult.

I always want to be one of the first people that comes to mind when that busy bride has a question she needs answered.  I don’t particularly worry about only focusing on the music and entertainment questions they have if I can be of larger assistance to them.  Where is the best Jersey Shore location to have ceremony on the beach?  Can you suggest a few off site facilities for ceremony?  Locations with hotels attached to the facility? New Jersey locations that can handle 300+ guests? What are some great honeymoon destinations that you’ve heard of?   Questions like these can be easily answered because of the years of experience I have along the Jersey Shore and throughout the Tri-State area. If I can help someone plan other parts of their wedding day by offering my opinion based on experience, I am more than happy to.

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