Go Far With The Right PR

May 25, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

Word of mouth is arguably the most powerful marketing tool. A referred customer is more likely to book your services. Even better, most will book your services without even comparing you to the competition. The main reason? Trust was established from the start.

Public relations can oftentimes be a proactive art, but you must create the positive word of mouth about your business. If you’re the subject of a magazine, blog, or newspaper article, that subconsciously implies endorsement to readers by a reputable source. In a sales situation, this will often give the client the same level of respect and trust they would feel if a satisfied customer recommended you.

When browsing a special bridal or party sections of your local newspaper–possibly published several times a year–you often see syndicated articles that aren’t written by staff journalists. Instead, they’re purchased from a newswire that specializes in providing category-specific content to fill a section.

Sometimes you’ll see articles compiled of excerpts from interviews with different local professionals written by a staff journalist. This is where you come in; there is no reason why you can’t be a local resource.

Reach out to editors of the bridal/party/music and entertainment sections and let them know you have expertise in DJing, music, entertainment, production, etc. Better yet, write an article that demonstrates thought leadership and is filled with content that would benefit potential customers and the readers. Most publications will at least publish your name and business.

Adult Education programs also are an excellent platform to getting free exposure. Program directors are always looking for new ideas on class formats. If you did a class on dancing, how to deliver a good wedding speech and other ways you can leverage your talents to educate and demonstrate. Who do you think would attend those classes? Usually wedding couples. And no matter the size of the class, your name and company are included online or in print to share the class descriptions with an entire local audience the school is marketing to.

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