Getting into the Game with SpeedQuizzing

June 7, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Over the last nearly 20 years of being an amateur game show/trivia host I’ve used all kinds of hardware and software; and honestly nothing is like what I experienced just before Mobile Beat Las Vegas when doing a test run on a new game show system called SpeedQuizzing. The atmosphere was exciting and people had a blast playing. And the icing on the cake was that I even had a great time hosting!

Let me set it up: For the last couple of years, the local Kiwanis chapter in Grimes (Iowa) has been holding a trivia night as a fundraiser for its other activities. Set on a weekend night, this year on Sunday, it was scheduled to include two hours of game time with a one-hour social time before the event. I dropped in, plugged into the venue’s sound system and configured my computer to work with their wall-mounted television LCD screens. That’s when the fun began.

SpeedQuizzing USA brought the SpeedQuizzing system, which has been extremely popular in the UK, across the pond a bit over a year ago and it’s taking off like wildfire. I got to see why at my event. After about 30 minutes of phone training and one quick tech support call during the event, I had an absolute blast, to say the least.

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