Getting Focus

July 10, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

What is focus? More importantly: At your events, do you always have focus? At my recent workshop for DJs, I taught a group of dedicated professionals like you the art of controlling the focus at any event. This month, I will explore with you how you too can get control of any audience simply by understanding and controlling the focus.


The first step to getting control of the focus in any room is to identify what I mean by focus. In every moment, and every interaction with the audience there is focus. For example, if I am sitting at a table at a wedding talking to my Uncle Charlie, and the DJ starts to talk on the microphone, I am already focused on something—my uncle. Now imagine, around that room full of more than a hundred guests, there are many different discussions happening at the same time. But you assume that when you begin to talk, the audience will simply stop what they are doing and begin to listen intently to you. After all, you are the masterful professional DJ, right? But nothing could be further from the truth. You first will need to GET their focus, BEFORE you move to the next part of the event. If you have ever experienced a difficult crowd at your event, it is because you never had their focus to begin with, but you kept talking or moving forward in your event agenda anyway. This is a death sentence for your audience control.

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