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November 29, 2016 by Jason Weldon

I was driving to work the other day and while pulling into the local Wawa convenience store, I was pondering the growth of companies; why one company might grow over another. This was particularly on my mind because my company seems to be in another growth phase. Actually, it seems like we are consistently in one these growth phases every other year. Certainly not a bad thing.175-32

During that day, I took some time to talk to some of the other larger companies in the area, as well as just thinking about the companies that haven’t grown over the years that I have been in business. I did not talk to the non-growing companies, only speculating from the few conversations I have had with them over the many years.

The companies that were growing did one thing differently than the companies that seemed to be in the same place they were five years ago. They hired people that knew more than they the owner(s) or management team did. They both had passion. They both had organization. They both wanted to grow. But the company that actually was growing was the company that understood what they didn’t know and then went out and hired the person or people who could help them.

You can’t do it all. And if you try to do it all, you are going to be left in the dust by the companies that are continuing to bring in good people that push the company, as a whole, to new levels. In the DJ business, we are constantly hindered by “I can do it all” or the “No one can do it better than me” attitudes. And let’s face it: No, you can’t do it all, and yes, someone can do it better than you..

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