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May 11, 2009 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Bubble parties can add a pop to your weekday profits

Being a mobile DJ can allow you to market and perform for a variety of events and audiences. With all of the recent and continuing media attention given to the economy, such flexibility can benefit mobile DJs who can think outside the box. Such thinking can lead to developing specific programs and ideas that may be profitable and successful additions to your mobile DJ business.

Discovering the Power of Bubbles

Although DJs have been using bubble machines for many years to help create a dreamy atmosphere for some gigs, the formal introduction of bubble parties for children to DJs on a national level was by John Allo of Rockland, Massachusetts. John, the father of three children, was invited to visit his daughter’s daycare center and explain what he did for a career. Instead of preparing a speech for his young audience, John felt it would be better to set up his DJ system and play some “kid friendly” music and lead some games. He brought along his bubble machine to enhance his show.

The kids and teachers had so much fun that they offered to pay John to come back and perform a kids’ party for his daughter and her classmates. “John always looked at certain opportunities as potential services for his DJ business,” adds Rob Peters of “I recall him telling me that after that first party, he found a new way to expand his DJ business. When he ever explained what he was doing, I remember smiling and thinking that I should have thought of that.”

John’s idea as “The Bubble Music Man” began as a program that was geared to daycare centers. After marketing the concept in a variety of ways, his mobile DJ business began to see an increase in demand for this type of entertainment. These performances were mostly took place during the week, and even resulted in referrals for weekend performances at children’s birthday parties.

Rob took over for John in the spring of 2006 as “The Bubble Music Man” when John’s health prohibited him from being able to perform at his bubble parties. John continued to introduce this concept to other DJs by writing a business plan, creating marketing materials and launching a website ( with a national directory of DJs who performed at bubble parties.

A veteran of over 160 bubble parties in the greater Boston area in 2008 alone, Rob has since taken over the marketing of the idea. “Soon after John passed away in November of 2007, I met with John’s wife, Patty. After sharing some stories and chatting for a while, she asked me to take over distributing and promoting the Bubble Parties concept. Since then, I have re-written the plan, including more information about the things I have learned and used during my shows.”

The Bubbles Spread

The bubble party concept and plan has quickly become a profitable and successful venture for other DJs throughout the country.

Susan Sasak of Tony’s Tunes Entertainment Service in Grandville, Michigan says “I love it because it allows me to be what I am…a BIG kid. I love working with kids because they have no fear…they participate and get involved. This program has also been a great opportunity to fill my weekday schedule.”

“I look forward to these events,” says Kirk Hoslin of Imagine Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota. “The energy of the kids is so contagious. It’s a great feeling when I leave party and the kids are giving me hugs goodbye and saying thank you. I only wish I had more vacation time to use during the summer to do more bubble parties.”

Harry Gambardella, The Fun Bubble Guy in Meredin, Connecticut adds, “My experience with the bubble parties has been fantastic. Being able to perform in this market has opened up a great opportunity to me. I’m able to generate additional income during the week, as well as use my interactive skills for a generation of children that otherwise don’t have the opportunity to experience such fun.

“There is a special feeling that is obtained when the children, parents, and teachers are so delighted to see me. John laid the foundation for this show, and has offered much advice to make it the best it can be. I thank John for his inspiration, help, and advice. Without him, I would probably not even consider such a fun way to earn a living.”

In addition, is working toward national exposure of the program by introducing “Bubble Party Week” from May 16th through May 23rd, 2009. “During Bubble Party Week, we are encouraging Bubble Party providers to promote this concept in their market by performing to the public and developing ways to raise money for a local children’s charity,” explains Rob Peters. “This start will allow us to gain some national exposure about the program, as well as help promote local providers in various markets throughout the country.”

Even though the Bubble Parties concept started as an entertainment service for daycare centers, you can perform these services for a variety of events, such as children’s birthday parties, family fun events, corporate outings involving families, and much more. The possibilities can be endless when you combine kids, good music, games and bubbles!

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