Get Out of My Dreams, Get (MiN)to My Rig By: Jake Feldman

March 25, 2008 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

It was with tongue firmly planted in cheek that I wrote that title, but there is nothing to joke about with the new MiN LED series from Chauvet Lighting, introduced late last year. They mean serious business, even with their miniature size. I had heard that the MiN series was getting rave reviews as extremely solid lights, but I had to see for myself, firsthand. After using them I found that, in fact, the Billy Ocean hit and the new Chauvet series have a few things in common-they both are fun, bright, and colorful!Performance
On my recent jaunt with the fixtures, they performed remarkably. Not only were they powerful enough for a school dance mounted on a truss system, they were also eloquent enough for a formal corporate event when configured in a speaker-top arrangement.

With the MiN lights, Chauvet is offering two distinct compact versions of LED yoke-style heads. For the gobo driven crowd, the MiNSpot offers 9 different gobo designs plus open. As of this writing, as far as I’m aware, this is the first LED spot to feature gobos. The MinWash offers a superbly bright palette for LED color mixing-perfect for accent lighting in a tight space, such as for corner-washing.

Also, the MiN series features great controllability. With DMX capabilities including optional 5 channel or 13 channel modes, both the MinSpot and MinWash are very flexible fixtures. Adding to the arsenal for both lamps is strobe mode, which makes one light seem like three. For the not-so-DMX inclined, an optional “easy controller” is available, along with built-in automatic standalone mode, which is accessible via LED control panels located on the base of the fixture.

In this age when smaller is considered better for everything, not just DJ gear, the MiN lights are pushing the diminutive envelope. Both fixtures measure 6.8 inches in length/width and stand at an equally impressive 9.8 inches. With added weight specs of a feather-light 8.3 lbs, quality compact LED fixtures are in reach without even breaking a sweat. For even the most formal events, the MiN series fixtures will blend into their surroundings, giving you much needed workspace and less clutter. At my corporate event for an engineering firm, the clients, who know a good design when they see one, were blown away by the compact configuration and light weight of the pieces.

Ease of Use
Not only was the reaction of my engineering clients surprising, equally nice was my setup with each MiN light. The hanging bracket easily attaches to the base of the fixtures and makes for an easy time raising and hanging. One thing I have noticed, though, is that there seem to be only a few good places to carry the lights, which is bound to happen with the compact dimensions involved.

The LED control interface on the base of the lamp was easy to use and straightforward, including slow and fast pans and options for making your beams stationary.

Road Test
When the package arrived at HQ, I was able to take the fixtures on the road right away, with the shipping box weighing less than 20 lbs. and not taking up much space. At the events both MiNs functioned as my primary effects with great results. The kids loved them, the adults loved them, and the big kid in me wasn’t bored with them due to their diverse number of built-in chase and effects patterns.

The Final Verdict
Chauvet has really put out a great product with the MiNs. They’re LED, lightweight, easy to transport and strong enough to survive my road test in freezing Iowa winter conditions. Along with that, when it comes to show time they perform remarkably with rich bright colors and outstanding functions. This series should be high on every mobile entertainer’s list when it comes to building an LED-based setup.

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