Get Appy with Chauvet Mobile Control By: Allan Reiss, Product Manager for Chauvet®DJ

September 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

How would you like to be able to go anywhere in the room during your gig and control your entire lighting rig from your smartphone or tablet? Imagine the convenience of being able to stand in the middle of the dance floor during the grand entrance while simultaneously changing the look of your entire lighting setup.

What was once a glimmer in the eyes of mobile entertainers everywhere, is now a reality with the CHAUVET® DJ ShowXpress™ DMX software and the Live Mobile app.

Live Mobile is a free app from Chauvet that allows you to easily control your entire lighting rig from a mobile device. In order to take advantage of this convenient technology, you will need the following gear: the CHAUVET® DJ ShowXpress™ DMX software, a ShowXpress™ DMX interface such as Xpress™ 512 or Xpress™ 512 Plus, a wireless router, a computer, a mobile device and of course your lights. Before your event, you will need to pre-program your light show using your computer (preferably the same computer you plan on bringing to the gig). Design possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to programming light shows with ShowXpress™. In the Editor you can build as many scenes as your event requires. There is no limit to the number of scenes allows.






On the day of the event, to access your pre-programmed scenes from your mobile device, link your mobile device to the same wireless router that your computer is connected to. Once your devices are connected, you will see, via the Live Mobile app in real time on your mobile device, the same screen that is running on your computer. You can select any scene (or scenes) you desire. An unlimited number of scenes can also be playing back simultaneously.

Controlling your lighting setup with ShowXpress™ and Live Mobile not only simplifies your job as a mobile entertainer, it also saves time and increases your functionality. You no long have to run back and forth, to and from the DJ booth to test your light show to see how it looks from different areas of the room. Simply saunter anywhere with your iPad and fire up your show remotely. Additionally, this setup allows you to be more interactive by being out in the crowd instead of being confined to the DJ booth to adjust the lighting. You can control your entire lighting setup from anywhere in the room with the simple press of a button. This technology also allows multiple people to control the light show at the same time simply by linking their mobile devices to the same wireless router.

CHAUVET® DJ is providing the tools you need to take advantage of the latest mobile, wireless technology—so there’s no need to stay shackled to the DJ booth anymore, even to run your light show. light show.

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