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October 11, 2016 by Mike Ficher

By day, I am a business analyst/software engineer. One of my key responsibilities— amongst many in a fast-paced, multi-task rich job—is the development and production of reports for managers and marketing associates.

Frequently, that involves the gathering of business requirements:174-8-9

What do they want to see?
What information will help them succeed?
What are they trying to accomplish?
What do the customers need?
What are their expectations?

To achieve the goals of the project, what techniques are popular for business analysts to gather information from clients?

Interviews: Writing for LinkedIn, Swadeep Nagar, a Certified Business Analyst, offers, “A business analyst should make sure that interviews cover a diverse cross-section of different stakeholders.” In addition to ensuring that all potentially impacted parties are included in the interview process, typically, I prepare a set of questions to provide initial structure to the interview process. Then, I listen. Probe. Listen. Seek clarity. Listen. Ask more questions. Listen.
Questionnaires: Given that I work in Bend, Oregon and the company headquarters is in Madison, Wisconsin, as Nagar notes, “Questionnaires are a good technique to gather requirements from remote locations. Questionnaires are an appropriate method to gather input from a huge number of people.”


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