Games: They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore!

June 8, 2016 by Randy Lehrman

For years, the prototypical Mobile DJ has always offered games as something “just for kids.” After 25 years in the DJ business you have to adapt and evolve. It’s 2016, and while kids definitely are

controlling more of the music that we play (because all those millennials love hearing “Apple-bottom jeans, boots with the fur…”) adults can’t be left behind.

So not only have I added a game or two that adults get to play with the kids. Now, I try thinking out loud with my clients to suggest that games aren’t just for kids, but entertainment for the adults.

For more than two decades, I’ve played a game called ‘Musical Chair Scavenger Hunt.’

Now, I can only assume this game has caught on everywhere, but it’s definitely prevalent in LA where I work. It’s like musical chairs, but instead of running around like eight-year-olds, kids have to go out into the audience, each round, to get an item from the adults. If they come back to find an empty chair and have the item I’ve asked for then they move on to the next round.

Great. That’s how all the DJs play it.

I like to amp it up a notch. I added the “Free Pass.” That’s right. Everybody likes free; you know the kids do. Guess what…the adults love it even more. The best part is the it makes the rest of your party even better.

Here’s how the “Free Pass” works. At least 3 of the rounds, I find something about the item that makes it unique. “Round 1: Find me a man’s necktie…GO!” Kids blast off into the audience, we remove chairs, and the kids get their ties and come back. So we’ve knocked a couple kids out of the game per the norm and then I say “OK, I’m going to give a “Free Pass” to whoever brought back…the ugliest tie. (A chuckle from the adults.)

“Now it’s time to find out who’s husband shops at Marshalls.” (The big laugh)

Then I figure out who has this monstrosity of a tie. Yup, I go right up to him. He’ll usually say “My wife bought it for me.” I get to improv anything I want there. Mostly, “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” (Laughs all around)

The kid gets a free pass and then for the next round we ask for a woman’s high-heeled shoe. My “Free Pass” for that is whoever has the highest heel or funkiest shoe. Because out here in LA, you know some lady in a leopard skin dress is wearing 7 inch heels.

“How tall are you normally??”

She replies, “5’4.”

I come back with, “5’4 without the shoes…with the shoes 6’9. Big round of applause
everybody.” (Laughs all around.)

Kids get what they want; a fun game, free passes, prizes…and they hear someone throwing a little shade at the parents. For the adults, they get to watch the kids have a great time, are entertained as they finish dinner (instead of ignored…see Pepsi-7up), and once the game is over they’re more apt to get up and dance because you broke the ice.

In this game, it’s a win-win, for everybody.

Randy Lehrman Randy Lehrman (13 Posts)

Randy Lehrman is celebrating his 25th year in the Mobile DJ business. As a Bar-Mitzvah & Wedding specialist, Randy and his award winning staff at Real Genius Entertainment bring a cutting edge and and a level of creativity to the party world in a high paced and competitive LA market. With progressive timeline management and boundless energy, Randy and his crew bring something unique to every party.

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