Game Technology: Time to Embrace it Fully

July 20, 2016 by DigiGames

Technology has drastically changed the world over during the last 20 years. This is evident in many things, including this issue of Mobile Beat. The switchover to an online version is bound to ruffle some feathers.  People like what they are used to. People stick with what they are comfortable with. But sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and change with the times.171-fullcompass-johnson

I am personally excited about the next chapter in the Mobile Beat story.

Technology has completely changed the mobile disc jockey world. Every aspect is simpler, cleaner and more readily available.
Some would argue that this is not a good thing. I disagree. Why do something ANYONE can do when you can set yourself apart and create options that stand out? I know that is the case with trivia and game shows for sure.

A lot of people ask me, “Why would I use a software- based game show system when I can just ask questions and have players write the answer down on paper?” The answer to me is simple. Why WOULDN’T you? Software-based game show systems are much more realistic. People want to play “real” TV-style game shows. These games are sure to increase your audience’s enjoyment of the experience. Here are some reasons why…

Familiarity. If games you are playing emulate favorite TV game shows, the live audiences at your event will love the familiar games — ones where rules don’t necessarily have to be explained. It will be MUCH easier for you to demonstrate and get participants if they already have a basic understanding of the game.

Accurate Scoring. Software will also keep track of scores. Using an automated process of score keeping makes it a virtually hands- free operation and allows one person to accurately host a live game show. If you integrate with a host remote, you can be anywhere in the room and control the games remotely.

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