Game Show Lowdown

December 5, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Back in 1999, I got my first game show system from Game Show Mania. It was amazing: I could be a game show host like all my favorites on TV, like Wink Martindale, Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, Chuck Woolery and more. I had grown up watching game shows on TV, and when cable came around, caught even more on the likes of the Game Show Network. I jumped at the chance to add that kind of fun to my growing DJ company’s offerings.175-12-13

That first set of hardware looked the part (Game Show Mania’s GSS3). The buzzers had a lockout system that would allow only one person a chance to answer (like on a real TV game show), turn on their micro- phone and give them points for getting it right or wrong. Since then, game shows on TV have seen a “Second Golden Age” with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and others capturing viewers since the early 2000s.


The level of game show that DJs can produce using hardware marketed to them on the pages of Mobile Beat has also seen a steady rise over the last ten years.

DigiGames ( came into the market just over 10 years ago and is now one of the leaders in the industry, with everything from TV broad- cast-ready systems to smaller buzzer systems great for schools or corporate parties.

Many game formats are available, some mimicking popular game shows from the past, but also new formats like Extreme Bingo that are a blast to run and to play. Plus, by providing archives of questions available for download to subscribers they have really become a one stop shop for most experiences that DJs want to produce for events.

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