Fun Fairs And School Carnival Marketing

January 4, 2017 by Rick Hardesty

January is just around the corner. The busy holiday season is ending and I hope everyone had a great holiday. My holiday was amazing we kept all 32 employees working around the clock this holiday season.

The beginning of January is a perfect time to start marketing to your elementary schools for their upcoming fun fairs and indoor carnivals. Planet DJs Entertainment is based in Michigan and we have found over the years that the PTO and school faculty start planning their upcoming events in January.

Typically, in the beginning of the month we send out postcards to all the elementary schools in the counties we cover advertising all the fun stuff that we can bring to the table to make their carnival or fun fair a blast. A lot of schools change PTO presidents or moms so it’s a good idea to send out the postcards every year to the schools just to keep your name in front of their faces.

A lot of people ask me all the time where do I get all the names of all the schools or places I can market to. I went to the state capital Lansing Michigan and asked them for a list of all the schools in Michigan and they gave me an excel spreadsheet with all schools address. When you have a list in excel it’s very easy to manipulate the data to pick out elementary schools or middle schools or high schools or even colleges. If your state does not do anything like this or they will not provide you with a list of all the schools then you go online and look up Usdata Corporation this company will allow you to buy different lists from them so you can target your marketing.

When we market to the schools we send out postcards for our direct mail approach this hits all the new people in charge at the schools and then we also send out a newsletter through Customer Manager Pro with coupons and discounts and a list with all the fun stuff we can provide at their upcoming event.

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