Front Or Back Part 2

November 26, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

I had a critique by a colleague of mine recently where he noted that when I am not in the moment, I tend to get resting Mitch face if you will. Now my ever affectionate team at Taylored Weddings dubbed me that a couple years back now, and it’s stuck.  Realize you’re always in the moment. I train our ministers that that moment is for the bride and groom. You’re taking a step back, you’re getting out of the shot for the photographer, for that first kiss as husband and wife just after the pronouncement as husband and wife.  I think that absolutely there are times where you should be front, however a ceremony, IN MY OPINION, is not one of those, especially for a cherished memory such as a first kiss as husband and wife. That moment is often a framed photo from their very expensive photographer and put on a wall in their new home.  It doesn’t need your face looking down, not in the moment or worse yet, trying to think of what you’re doing next with a weird look on your face. If you’re going to be there, at least SMILE. Be there mentally, emotionally for your client, but not physically. Get out of the shot and let them have that moment.  

Maybe you’re not the minister.  However, are you front or back? This goes for all moments at your client’s event.  It also goes for your life. Are you driving your life from the front seat or the back?  Now certainly in life there are some times where you’ll take a back seat. Maybe you’re caring for a child or an elderly parent, you certainly take a back seat at that point.  Maybe you take a back seat for your spouse so they can shine in the spotlight. It’s an interesting take. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.  


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