Front Or Back Part 1

November 19, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Front or Back. I had a post recently in our group Sales for Event Pros where I chatted about the minister services that I provided for a client recently.  I showed a photo of the bride and groom at the very end of their ceremony, just after they are pronounced husband and wife. The Bride and Groom have their hands raised like this in the air, in celebration of their marriage and just being pronounced, husband and wife. I juxtaposed it with the fact that I wasn’t in the photo… that I had taken a step back and out of the frame. Are you in the front? Or are you in the back? What’s your purpose? What’s your role? 

Some people would argue that you should be out front. Some would argue that your face isn’t seen, doesn’t need to be seen. It’s the bride and groom’s moment in that moment. Some would argue that “Well, my officiant is very important to me, or a family friend, or my brother or my dad.”  In that case, I can argue “Yes, they probably should be more in the front” However, please consider that everything speaks. I am just as guilty of this.  We’ll discover how next week. 

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