From The Ground Up: Can I Quote You On That?

August 2, 2014 by Stu Chisholm

Thursday/Friday, July 31/August 1st

It seems like every step of my “business makeover” will be chock-full of suprises!  I found out that the aluminum roll-up doors all use different track than the wooden ones, so to install one in my truck would entail drastic new labor charges.  The composite door, on the other hand, was made to use my existing hardware and can be installed easily.  I also learned that it has a lifetime warranty and is slightly less expensive.  Executive decision: ordered it and it’s on
its way!  Now all I have to do is limp the old door along until it arrives.

Next, I finally hooked-up with Brian at Premier Finishes who went over Vanzilla, got a good idea of what it needs and will have a quote on the way for the body work.  When looking around the shop, I also noticed that they do custom graphics!  Looks like they could be the final “phase” people for Vanzilla’s finishing touches, but we’ll discuss that once I’ve got a nice, blank “canvas” to work with.

All is ready to order the tablets.  Sent another e-mail to Ben detailing what I’ve got in mind and how it might work.  Hopefully he can set me up with the remaining components and I (we?) can figure out how this will all go together.

Lastly, I spoke with my website builder who is on vacation.  He should be back shortly after my birthday on the 7th and, given all the work he’s done already, we should be ready to go live by month’s end at latest.  I’m getting a bit antsy on this, because my website, once the strongest component of my marketing, is now my weakest. It needs… well… just about everything.

See you next week!

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