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November 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

ColorMaker, which has been serving the DJ industry for years with a variety of LED uplights, now starting to hit the mainstream with their new PX250 and PX500 wireless LED fixtures. A few years back, I checked out an earlier generation of these lights that weren’t battery powered, and I was impressed with the brightness and remote control features, even back then.

I had a chance to test out some of their PX250 units and found they provide a a nice upgrade from the previous iteration. They are sold with the companion D1210 battery system. They are built tough to handle the rigors of heavy use. I would still recommend that you case them up thoroughly, to maintain their exteriors; but these are definitely made for the long haul.

The CMT-10 Pro Enhanced controller was sent along with the review units and worked well. I was able to set the lighting to one bride’s specific shade of purple by easily adjusting the RGB percentage settings and storing it in the Q1 programming area. I was able to control the lights using three Color Roll modes during the main portion of the evening with dancing. mb152_127As the pictures show, I set them up around the dance floor and was able to set the mood for the whole room almost exclusively with ColorMaker lighting.mb152_128


The 24-watt units put out very nicely and are available in 30-degree or 60-degree versions, depending on whether they be used primarily as spots or floods.

The big brother of the pair, the PX500 has more than double the wattage of the PX250 and it is recommended that it be used with the D1220 battery pack. ColorMaker rates these battery packs as good to power the units for 10 hours without a recharge.

Although the obviously high quality of ColorMaker lights speaks for itself, the company heavily promotes its unique position in the industry as a lighting company that designs and manufactures its products completely in the USA, at its facility in Altamonte, Florida. This also means they are directly available to handle support if you need it.

All in all, ColorMaker offers a solid choice for anyone seriously investing in uplighting.

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