FogScreen Lets You Project On A Layer of Water

March 26, 2007 by Mobile Beat

There are a lot of screen technologies available in today’s market but Mobile Beat stumbled across one of the most unique and original screen surfaces yet – water. Now if you’ve been to some amusement parks you’ve already seen projection on high pressure water displays, but this is much different.FogScreen is a technology that turns water into a vapor and then drops it in a curtain of fog from a fixture placed atop where the screen is. The result is a layer of thin fog that you can actually project onto. Yet the most amazing thing about this technology is that you can walk right through the fog without any dampness transmitting to you whatsoever. It’s truly a unique technology.

Mobile Beat spoke to the FogScreen folks at the LDI convention and asked them what the impetus was for such a technology. The response? “We wanted to create an image floating in air like they do on Star Wars.” The company tried a number of chemicals to achieve the effect to no avail. Then they learned how to create the illusion with water and today we have FogScreen.

Now this is not something the majority of mobile DJs are going to want to rush out to buy partially because a unit costs about the same as a garage full of automobiles and it is no small appliance. Still, for some extreme events this might be a great tool in one’s rental arsenal and at the very least it’s infinitely cool. Imagine your guests walking into a James Bond New Year’s Eve party with images of the agent himself projected on the door way. Or, imaging your corporate holiday party’s boring PowerPoint taking life in a screen of fog that people can touch and walk through. It definitely has a market and makes a statement.

The density of the fog can be altered depending on the effect you wish you achieve. You can create a thicker or almost transparent fog with settings on the device. The company also showed an interactive display where you would draw on the fog with your hand and this would create an image that would be projected onto the screen. This is sort of like a gigantic, interactive Etch-A-Sketch except that it’s not quite as portable and a bit costlier.

FogScreen isn’t for everybody but there’s no doubt that everybody who experiences this device is going to remember the experience.

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