Fog Machine Basics by Allen Reiss

November 12, 2010 by CHAUVET DJ

By: Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET

Fog machines can enhance the look of any dance floor and show off your lights in a whole new way. But like any machine, foggers need some maintenance to work properly. And caring for your fogger properly will not only prolong your equipment, but your investment as well.

Fog machines contain heaters and pumps which are use to make fog and a tank which holds fog fluid. After an initial heat-up period, the high-pressure pump will pull the fluid from the tank and push it into the heater where it vaporizes into fog. The fog is then pushed out of its front nozzle. Any unused fog fluid should always be covered to avoid contamination by dust, minerals and other particles, as these can create problems.

I recommend cleaning your fogger after every 40 hours of use. There are cleaning products available, but flushing the unit with distilled water, distilled white vinegar, or a combination of the two, will work well. Here are four easy steps for cleaning your fogger:

Remove the hose from the fluid tank but leave it attached to the unit, placing the hose in the water and/or vinegar solution.

Run the fogger until the output is clear. This procedure will flush out any particles and prevent clogging of the piping and the pump. If you use vinegar you will want to do so outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Wipe any dust or dirt off the fogger’s exterior with a clean, damp cloth.

Fill the fogger with fog fluid and get on with the show.

Remember, regular cleaning of your fog machine can extend its life and avoid costly problems.


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