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November 21, 2017 by Joe Bunn

I can’t believe it! 2017 is almost over! Like pretty much everyone in the DJ business, the first couple of months of 2018 are slow performance wise. Sure, you are booking a lot of the brides that got rings for Christmas, on New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day, but you’re not really out there rocking gigs. That’s a good thing though, embrace it, take some time to yourself, maybe even take a vacation. But once you get back, start the hustle again! There are so many things that you can and should be doing in the so-called “off season”.

One of the first things that I do after my annual New Year’s Eve gig is to start going through my equipment, cable bag and computer bag in order to assess the damage done during wedding and holiday party madness. Are you missing a cap on the foot of a speaker stand? Call the manufacturer up and order a replacement. Maybe you need to get some additional adapters for your cable bag that you didn’t have or restock your snack supply in your computer bags for those extra long gigs that don’t feed you. Now is the time to do all of this.

The next thing that is imperative is to update your playlists. As you can see from the inset photo, it is a passion of mine, and that’s the collapsed view! Now is the time to look at The MobileBeat Top 200 or the DJintelligence top songs and create those playlists. You know you have probably 190 of the 200 songs in your music libary, but creating that playlist will always give you an avenue to take in case your mind goes blank in the middle of a gig. Another good idea is to create a “crate” of playlist of your own personal go-to dance songs, you could even separate them into old stuff and new stuff. There are so many different ways to organize your music, just do it! You will thank me later.

January is also a great time to plan out your marketing for the rest of the year. As I have mentioned in previous articles or posts, we do a few different things during the year for the vendors that recommend Bunn DJ Company on a frequent basis. Make a calendar, split up your vendor list (surely you keep one of those handy), and decide who is going to get what and when. For example, during some point in the year, we might send a gift basket to the top 20 vendors and venues that sent us a lot of high end brides. Email me for some of my favorite tips and ideas. In addition, if you are still doing traditional mailings, then plan when to send them. Another part of your marketing that must be planned out is your social media.

If you are a multi-op, this is also a good time to “rally the troops”. Get your guys together after everyone has calmed down from the holiday madness. Take them all out to eat at an affordable place, go bowling, or maybe have them over for burgers. Keep it casual, but explain to them how the upcoming year is going to be and how excited you are to stuff their pockets with money! Let them know that 2018 is going to rock!

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