FoamMasters X-Stream Canon Foam Machine “Goes Back In Time”

March 24, 2010 by Mobile Beat


The debut of the FoamMasters X-Stream Cannon Foam Machine at the 2010 George Lindsey UNA Film Festival’s “Back to the Future” reunion coincided with the appearance of a DeLorean time machine replica.

Lexington, AL March 25, 2010 – With a stainless steel body similar to that of the DeLorean automobile made famous in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, the FoamMasters X-Stream Cannon Foam Machine is built to withstand the test of time. This foam machine produces 4,000 to 4,800 cubic feet of foam in 8 to 10 minutes (that’s a maximum of 480 cubic square feet per minute). The foam cannon fills a 20 to 40 ft area with foam 5 feet deep and lasts 40 to 50 minutes per one gallon of High Dilution Foam (FG-HDF) concentrate, using a premixed solution in the foam machine’s 25 gallon reservoir. The cannon shoots twenty to thirty foot streams of foam and its stainless steel construction includes a swivel base with locking wheels for adding some fun and frolic to your party, you can take aim and redirect the foam. The foam machine is made in America and available in 110V or 220V. The X-stream comes with a lifetime limited warranty and 24 hour technical support. Foam Masters Labs constantly invents and reformulates solutions in order to improve the rich foam production for its foam machines. There are also many different foam scents available such as bubble gum, vanilla, cherry, and more; foam can also be tinted blue, green, yellow, and pink. There are many ways to contain the foam such as with inflatable foam pits, construction of a containment area, or if used outdoors, by just by finding a suitable grassy area.
After years of perfecting illusionary snow fall at SnowMasters Special Effects, FoamMasters has applied that technology to create the top of the line foam party machines on the market. Since the SnowMasters snow is comprised of dry suds, it was only logical to evolve the technology into foam. FoamMasters’ easy-to-use machines produce mountains of foam for kids parties, nightclubs or auditoriums. Foam products are available as non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non staining, and environmentally friendly. Foam solutions also include a moisturizer for the skin. Systems are available for sale or rental. FoamMasters also provides complete onsite performances. Now you can throw your own foam party right at home anytime. Foam can be used to create unique experiences at church events, children’s birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, summer camps, night clubs, and even fund raisers. Every one of all ages loves to play in foam and this machine requires little to no maintenance.
About SnowMasters Special Effects
Whether on land, sea or in the sky, SnowMasters makes special events and occasions unforgettable. From white weddings, cruise ships, hotels, casinos, department stores, theme parks, sporting events to Los Angeles area film productions – their special effects machines and services are used worldwide. The company has expanded its products into over 20 countries, including France, China, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, South Korea, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, Australia and Canada. Building upon the success of the invention of Evaporative Snow®, their Flogos (Flying logos) are becoming ever increasingly popular as forms of sky-vertising. With superb warranties on products and impeccable customer support, the SnowMasters Special Effects line of products and team are setting new industry standards. for more information!

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