Floyd Rose FR18M Headphones / FR-36BK Bluetooth Headphones By Tom Chaput and Aaron Burger

November 8, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Aaron Burger – FR-36BK

While there are many bluetooth headphones they don’t give you both comfort or clean sound quality. Floyd Rose: Pro Series has released there FR-36BK Stereo Bluetooth Headphones that do just that for DJ’s to use in the field and home. The design allows the headphones to be foldable; to go into the provided padded storage case. They have an adjustable padded headband and soft memory foam relieve pressure from ears to ensure hours of comforted music.The technology inside is what really

The technology inside is what really counts though. These headphones are loaded with 40mm drivers and give you that bass you’re looking for. The bluetooth, (no twisted cables), is the deal breaker with the over 30 foot range and a 14 hour long battery rechargeable with micro USB. The sound comes through clearly, with a volume control, and a mic in the base of the headset and with the aptX in the stereo giving fluid sound. Between bluetooth, NFC, the 3.5mm audio cable and a ¼ adapter gives you the ability to bring your music in any way or device that you need to be the ultimate mixer.

These headphones are ahead of many bluetooth devices I’ve used. Most don’t give a reliable connection or clear sound with the connection I did receive. FR-36BK has a long lasting battery. While there might be a 14 hour battery, there is an issue with the charging. Many headphones do not have a long battery but they make up for it with a quick charging. The FR-36BK is the opposite with a long battery, but a slightly longer charge to get a full battery.

Tom Chaput – FR18M

fr18mI was asked to review the Floyd Rose Pro Series FR-18M Wood Headphones. Inside the retail packaging was a high gloss wood grained storage box containing a set of mahogany headphones.  First impression if they sound as good as they look they have a winner here.

Construction wise they are fairly light weight (just 5 ounces), black cushioned headband and mutts made of mahogany with bright chrome hardware.  The removable cord is cloth covered and is a y style attaching to each mutt with an 1/8″ plug, I would have preferred a single connection on one side but that’s just me. Also on the cord is a mic capsule for use with a cell phone.

It’s time to drop a needle and see how they sound. And yes I did drop a needle on a vinyl LP I’d listen to many times over the years so I knew what to expect and I must say I was impressed with the sound I experienced. Among the clicks and pops from the old vinyl was great sound. On to CD’s the sound was very well balanced. The bass was solid, vocals were clean and highs were very crisp. I’m sure most will be listening to mp3’s and you won’t be disappointed. All in all I experienced great sound from different devices and they were comfortable to wear.


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