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September 15, 2013 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

mb151_104As discussed in the companion profile, MonoPrice has made a strong move into the MI market under the direction of Jess Macintyre, Pro Audio Product Manager. He sent over their first DJ-focused products for some quick reviews. These are standard pieces of equipment, but they’re coming to DJs with fantastic pricing.

First, some well built products: a microphone and headphones. The dynamic mic sells for under $15 (cable not included) and features a helpful on/off switch. I’ve always been a fan of that little extra touch on a mic, to help keep feedback to a minimum. It sounds good for its price, and feels solidly built, with a zinc alloy shell. This would be a good mic to carry (with a cable) as a backup to the wireless units that most DJs use. The DJ headphones are standard issue, with swivel ear-cups, a detachable cable, and a 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter.

They have a good sound for their $25 price point. The most interesting piece they sent over was the Music Mount for iPad. At first I didn’t think it would work for DJs, based on a quick look at mounting system, but he convinced me to try it, and I’m thrilled he did, because it ended up working perfectly. At the first event where I tried it, I was able to set it up nicely and use it throughout the night. I’m looking forward to rolling it out regularly, as I always carry the iPad as a secondary DJ device. The mounting system is flexible enough that it can be attached to almost anything (including microphone stands), letting you place the iPad exactly where you want it. A great buy at under $25.

Another sturdy piece of standard DJ gear I got to test was a set of steel speaker stands—for under $50. They work well for raising either passive or heavier powered speakers up to 3.5 to 7 feet above the dance floor. They have pneumatic shock absorbers to help lower the speakers safety as well.

MonoPrice also sent along some XLR cables, which I thought I was already familiar with; but upon seeing their finish and using them, I knew I hadn’t seen them before. After using their reliable computer/networking and other audio cables, it wasn’t surprising that the XLRs also worked well. With these 15-foot cables in their Premier series (the only series at the moment) selling at under $10, they’re sure to be popular.

Along with these purpose-built items for mobile DJs, MonoPrice offers plenty of gear for the DJ’s studio/office as well. One useful piece is an 8-channel audio mixer with USB interface, for under $80. This is a basic unit, which we are planning on using in our mini-studio here at BC Productions. For this part of the MonoPrice product review, I handed it off to my partner Jake Feldman

Jake Feldman, Mobile Beat Production Director says, “Whether you’re in a studio or at a club or on a mobile event, the Monoprice 8-channel USB mixer is a surefire option for those that are truly mobile. This mixer features a full list of input options, including four balanced XLR microphone inputs, four unbalanced mono 1/4″ TS line inputs, two pairs of unbalanced mono 1/4″ TS inputs ganged together for stereo control, a single USB 2.0 input/output for connection to a computer, a 3.5mm stereo TRS input, and a pair of RCA inputs. The mixer can provide +48V phantom power to all four XLR mic inputs. The best parts about this mixer are the price and ease of use. Ever wanted to record custom vows for the first dance and have a ceremony package? This can be your option for both of those, as well as basic production events.”

I’m very interested to see what kinds of products Monoprice adds to their Pro Audio Series; we should have more to tell you about in upcoming issues of Mobile Beat. When you go to be sure to check out the Pro Audio Series, but as you wander around the entire site, you’re also sure to find many other interesting things for business and personal use.

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