Finite Part 2

October 9, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

Finite, Time, Life, Mobile Beat, Mitch Taylor, Taylored SalesLast week we talked about how the time you have at an event to affect a client and their guests with music is finite.  Now your clients may or may not care about the choices you play for music but I can assure you this, at least a few people on their guest list in your audience do.  It’s been said before and it’s a true statement. If you’re not booking at least one event on average per event you do, it’s time to step up your game on the performance side.  On this, one of the more jubilant days of someone’s life, do you want to evoke not so good memories? I would venture to say not. Last week we also touched upon what song(s) impacted you in your youth and when that specifically was.  The same can be said for your clients.


Dig deep. What did they used to listen to in college?  Dig deeper. What was some of their prom songs? Maybe there’s a good memory there maybe it’s a bad memory there right. You want to be sure you’re not going to play anything that is going to bring up memories of ex’s or past relationships.  What song(s) can you play that will have a maximum impact? Was there a song that their Mom or Dad used to sing to them? Was there a song they may have performed in a talent show or play? What was their high school or college fight song? Were they in a fraternity or sorority?  For next week’s article we’ll get in some practical application into how to transform finite into infinite.


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