Fine Tuning Your Receptions

July 13, 2017 by Randy Bartlett

Invariably, the person asking the question has found themselves in a predicament they need to fix, but with very few exceptions, these predicaments could have and should have been avoided altogether with better planning ahead of time. Our natural tendency is to blame others when things go wrong, but the problem with that is that if it’s the caterer’s fault or the photographer’s fault and we have nothing to do with it, the problem will happen over and over. Instead, I advocate taking responsibility wherever possible.

For example, the photographer is taking the couple away for those dreaded sunset photos during the reception. The first thing we need to understand is that photography is a very important part of this day, something our clients will still treasure 50 years from now and that their great grandchildren will cherish as well. It’s as narrow minded for us to think of photography as something that gets in the way of dancing as it would be for the photographer to see the dancing as something that is getting in the way of photography. Dancing is simply one piece of the puzzle, but because our clients come to us and tell us how important dancing is, we think it’s the most important piece; but what do you think they tell their photographer?

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