Finding/Hiring Employees Who Would Do Anything To Work For You by Ben Miller

July 30, 2014 by Ben Miller

Well, you’ve decided you JUST HAVE to have a new employee (you’re positive, right? You’re sure you can afford them, right?).Team-Trophy-copy-1024x685 Well then, you should absolutely just hire the first person you see. Done. Article over. Wait…. You want more? You’re saying to yourself “I paid good money to read this blog!! I deserve at least 700 words!”. Well Ok then…. read on: One of the crucial mistakes I made was hiring too quickly (both part time and full time employees). Every time I needed someone, I felt like it was an emergency. I needed someone NOW. That was my first mistake. I had big dreams in my business, but for whatever reason I didn’t look ahead to the future far enough to anticipate the need for more employees. So, when it was time to hire, I didn’t spend nearly as much time seeking out the best candidates. How can you find the best employees? First, stop treating them like employees. You have a mission. You’re going into battle every day. You can’t win by yourself… you need a team. Start thinking of your employees as a TEAM. YOU need to build a TEAM.

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Ben Miller is a speaker/coach who brings a message of hope, peace, and common sense. Ben taught High School before running his dream business full time. It didn’t take long for his dream to become a nightmare. Even though business was good, he had leveraged himself in debt, hired the wrong employees and grown too fast. After a couple of big contracts disappeared and a blow from a bad economy, Ben barely kept the business alive. DEBT ROBS YOU OF PROSPERITY: Over a million dollars had passed through his hands in just a few short years, yet he had nothing to show for it. When Ben speaks and coaches, he brings his humor that got him through it, and the humility to tell his story in hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes. Those mistakes that he made are the same ones that close 8 out of 10 small businesses in their first two years of operation. Ben has spent years studying great businesses and personal finances. He’ll show you how to: Create a household budget and become debt free Grow a business without the stress of debt Hire employees that can’t wait to be at work Monday morning (building an amazing team culture) Run a social media campaign turning your clients into family Charge a premium fee for your service based business Master productivity and achieve the “work / life” balance everyone dreams of

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