Finding Stanley Burrell; The Hunt for MC Hammer

January 26, 2008 by Mobile Beat

It had been 10 years since U Cant Touch This had topped the charts and packed dancers on the floor, but it was still going to be an exciting event to bring MC Hammer to the 2000 Mobile Beat Show.The plan was that Mobile Beat’s Bob Lindquist and an associate would pick up Hammer at the Las Vegas airport and bring him to the Tropicana Hotel for a speaking engagement to the waiting DJs. Rushing to the gate area, it suddenly occurred to the pair that neither had any idea who the man they were picking up looked like. No problem…they knew the flight number.

Well, the Las Vegas airport has thousands of arrivals daily and a flight number was not going to be much help in finding a stranger. There was only one piece of information left to find Hammer: his real name- Stanley Burrell. Simply ask any individual looking like they were waiting for someone if they were Mr. Burrell. It seemed more proper than “Are you MC Hammer?”

Hundreds of middle-aged men were asked that question that day, as desperation set in. But when a fat, bald man from Chicago claimed to be Stanley Burrell, for a few brief moments the duo thought they had their man. But it turned out to be one Bernie Berle, in town for a chair-counters convention.

Burrell was missing…gone without a trace. The reputation of future shows was on the line…where was MC Hammer?? There was nowhere left to go but to return to the hotel without him.

What a surprise did the would-be chauffeurs find when they got back! The simple truth was Hammer had arrived early and just hopped a cab to the hotel, and was wandering the Exhibit Hall enjoying the toys! And another classic moment was history!

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