Finding A Record Pool: RPM Top Hits USA

August 18, 2017 by Eric Rhodes

In this series of weekly articles, I take a look at some of the more popular record pools, or music pools, available to DJs. There are plenty to choose from. Knowing the different features and personality types of each pool will help you decide where to get your music.

This week’s pool is RPM Top Hits USA. Check it out:

(Note: I am not an employee of RPM Top Hits USA or any other pool service that I review. I am simply a professional DJ giving an honest and positive assessment of these companies with the goal of helping out my peers. Also, I’m not a VJ, so don’t dive too deep into that aspect of these services, but will definitely mention if a particular pool offers video services.)

About RPM Top Hits USA

RPM has been in the record pool industry since 1970. They provide music, not only for radio and mobile DJs, but for radio, cable and satellite stations all across the United States as well. They say they have one of the most extensive music libraries in the world. RPM offers music in four different formats: Direct Download, MP3 DVD, Audio CD and Music Video. For the purpose of this article, I’ll focus on their Direct Downloads since that appears to be the most common format these days. Although, they do offer a Disc add-on to their Direct Download service for $5 per month. That could be a great backup option for your music library.

Music Library

RPM offers a wide variety of music each month; 230 tracks per month to be exact. They cover many genres including Hot Top 40, Urban/Rap, Country, Latin, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Dance Remixes, Rock/Alternative and Contemporary Christian with Intro Edits and Instrumentals. All of their audio is encoded with ID3V2 tagging and is recorded in full 320K MP3.

You can easily go to their website and see their latest releases to check out what tracks they sent to their subscribers. It’s a very diverse mix of music, which is great for the mobile DJ who performs at many different types of events. All of RPMs edits are clean, which is important when you’re DJing for the general public. They include a nice selection of dance remixes for the club DJs as well.

RPM doesn’t have their own team of remixers like some of the other record pool companies, so if you’re looking for unique party edits or mash-ups you won’t likely find them here. That’s okay though. Not every record pool, or DJ, is about that. If you’re looking for the hits in a high-quality MP3 format then this is a great option.


RPM includes a music download application called Top Hits Direct that updates your music library as soon as they release new music. This is cool because you can check in periodically to see what music has been added, then easily download it to your hard drive.

I also like that you have the option to purchase back catalog of their weekly issues. So, if you’re missing some tracks from 2015 for example, you can get access to those easily.


The Direct Download service starts at $49.95 per month, which is a reasonable price for 230 songs (assuming you’ll play most of them). Like I mentioned earlier, you can also get these songs in disc format for an extra $5 per month.

RPM also offers a wide variety of Audio Disc and Music Video options at different price points, so be sure to peruse their website to learn more about that.


Overall, this seems to be a legit source for music. Their wide variety of genres and convenience of downloading makes this a great record pool option for mobile DJs. Be sure to check out their website to learn more.

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