Finding A Record Pool: Direct Music Service

August 3, 2017 by Eric Rhodes

In this series of weekly articles, I take a look at some of the more popular record pools, or music pools, available to DJs. There are plenty to choose from. Knowing the different features and personality types of each pool will hopefully help you decide where to get your music.

This week’s pool is Direct Music Service, aka DMS. Check it out:

(Note: I am not an employee of DMS or any other pool service that I review. I am simply a professional DJ giving an honest and positive assessment of these companies with the goal of helping out my peers. Also, I’m not a VJ, so don’t dive too deep into that aspect of these services, but will definitely mention if a particular pool offers video services.)

Direct Music Service

DMS has been around since 1999. Backed by DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, DJ Skribble, Lil’ Jon and more, this pool has a reputation for being one of the favorites among both club and mobile DJs. DMS offers high-quality DJ intro edits direct from the artists and labels. They also have their own in-house remixers who put their creative spin on popular tracks.

Music Library

What stands out to me is their vast music library. You can download hits dating back to the 1950s, most of which have an added drum beat and intro edit which makes these tracks dance floor (and DJ) friendly. They cover many different genres as well. Here’s how they break it down:

Decades (1950s – 2010s) | Pop | Hip-Hop | R&B | House/Electro | Rock/Alt | Indie/New Wave | Disco/Funk | Reggae | Country | DJ Tools (Loops, Acapella Outs, Party Breaks, Mashups, etc.)

While they offer all of these genres, the bulk of their library consists of Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B and House/Electro. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of Country for example, a different pool might be a better choice for you. Otherwise, they do a decent job covering their main genres.

DMS also updates their library with new songs every weekday, so you’re constantly getting access to new tracks.


One of the cool features of DMS is their mobile app. You can sample tracks in their entirety then save them in a bin that can be uploaded to your Dropbox account. I love checking out tracks in the car, at the gym or anytime I’m on the go then adding them to my library at a later date. This is very convenient.

DMS recently teamed up with SmashVision to offer Video mixes as well. Some club and mobile DJs prefer to mix videos, so this is a nice addition to their offerings.

What Does It Cost

DMS starts their pricing at $44.95 per month for a limited amount of downloads, but if you pay for an entire year you can cut the cost to $37.50 per month for unlimited downloads. That’s a reasonable price for what you get. Check out their website to learn more.


Overall, DMS is definitely a great option for newer DJs looking to build up their music library. Just hit up the ‘Decades’ section or dig through specific genres and you’ll find many hits from the past. And, with new tracks being added almost daily you get a steady flow of tracks to satisfy your appetite for new music.

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