Fake It Till You Make It, a reality distortion field method.

August 26, 2012 by Arnoldo Offermann

Fake It Till You Make It, a reality distortion field method.

If you hate Apple, you’re really going to hate me. Let’s chat RDF, a term made up in 1981 by Bud Tribble to describe the charisma of Steve Jobs.

First, watch this (NON APPLE) video:


Crazy, isn’t it? All this guy did was style up his wardrobe a bit and created a reality distortion field around him. What happens then? People think he’s famous: they want photos with him, they push through crowds, they TWEET about it, but the craziest part? When they realized they had NO idea what they were excited about, they came up with a story to help sell the interviewer on why Brett is such a superstar.

Aside from the awesomeness of this prank, one should be able to see the sheer brilliance of it. It exposes the sheep-like mentality of mass crowds. Perhaps if ONE person saw Brett walking around with two bodyguards and a photographer they wouldn’t think twice. Perhaps they would be curious, but think to themselves: “I’ve NO idea who this person is, why should I care?” Add in mass group hysteria and suddenly groupthink comes in.

Groupthink is a truly amazing concept. It is why people do things they normally wouldn’t do; it is something WE should take advantage of. This isn’t just for sales, but also performance. For example, if I were to approach a high school student and tell them “I’m going to play BARBIE GIRL at your homecoming,” I’d get this face: o.O Let’s just drop Barbie Girl right in the middle of a dance set with a few hundreds students there and suddenly everyone’s screaming the song.

Still don’t believe me? Explain to me why a crowd at a movie theatre will sometimes clap when the protagonist kicks the crap out of the antagonist. They sure as heck wouldn’t have done that in their own home. Then again, you may see athletes yelling at the referee, so you decide to yell at him, too.

Moneky see, monkey do; add a reality distortion field to that and the effects can be wondrous for your business and performance. 4SchoolsOnly has a huge reality distortion field. We are a small business, and aim to be that way for a while. Yet, the schools that we poll think we are a huge company with hundreds of staff members. We’re not lying to them, and we often tell them that we ARE a small company and because of that we have limited availability which yields higher prices. However, upon first impression, the client sees us as a LARGE company with personal one-on-one service, and that’s a good first impression to give!

The glitz and glamour effect of the reality distortion field could also be called “fake it till you make it.” I’m NOT telling you to LIE to your clients about what you can do, but you can influence them into seeing your company as the greatest MUST HAVE wedding accessory. Apple is no longer just a computer brand, it’s a fashion accessory. Look how many cliché model photos have a “hipster” wearing the oh-so-typical white headphones. Our wedding division, My Dream Reception, pushes itself as a one-of-a-kind company that emphasizes on high-energy weddings with a club ambiance. This may not be much different than what some of you may offer, but using the surrounding elements such as what we offer, our DJs, etc, I can convince a client that we ARE the go to company for high-energy weddings.

This is common sense marketing here, but the trick is learning reality distortion fields.

Here’s the cooking list for your reality distortion field:

* Use captivating words not often used to describe your product: Magical, astonoishing, simply beautiful, must-have, etc
* Focus on ONE thing and do it well. Everything else that you sell is to further push that ONE thing you sell. I sell high energy events. Everything we offer is to push that!
* Use group think! Common sense says to post your WeddingWire or YELP! reviews on a page, but make sure you highlight the ones that ALL say the same thing. That same thing should push your ONE feature.
* Find a antagonist. Your ONE feature should sell that. For us? It’s cheesy, cookie-cutter weddings. Booooooo, no one wants those. What you want, is a high-energy wedding.
* Sometimes, YOU have to convince your client as to what they want. Don’t believe me? When’s the last time Apple, Google, Facebook etc asked the consumer, “what do you want to see?” They just do it and convince you that it’s good. Facebook doesn’t do the latter, hence why people hate Timeline, despite it having superior features.
* On print and in person, BE CHARISMATIC!

* BRAVADO! Make sure you praise your own product as you sell it! After all….
* … if you’re not excited about your product, why should they be. Never lose sight of the weaknesses you need to work on, but your RDF should be SO powerful, you’ve convinced yourself that you are the best option for your clients!

So what are you waiting for? Start your RDF now! If your website doesn’t convince you that you’re the best around, it’s time to rewrite!

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