EZDJWebsites Introduces Educational Seminars For MBLV09

December 17, 2008 by Mobile Beat

At MBLV09, Mobile Beat Internet Services will be doing the below seminars about their popular EZDJWebsites 2.x product – if you want to check out information on this great product to get a professional website online easily and quickly check out http://www.ezdjwebsites.com.

Seminar #1:  Mobile Beat Internet Services (ProDJ.Com)  has developed EZDJWebsites for an easy option to setup a basic website so a company can establish their web presence easily, inexpensively and be able to customize it on their own. And that is what this EZDJ is all about. You setup your account, choosing from the design options available, the buttons and pages, easy integration with DJ Intelligence and other fantastic web based tools and more!   We will show you how to search the web to see if your desired web address is available to use. We will show you the basics of our software so you will be able to understand how easy it is to set up a website for your company. We will cover photos, DJ Intelligence integreation, integration with other services via our virtual pages.

Seminar #2: So I know the basics of websites and/or the EZDJ system, but what are some of the advanced features that you have to offer? What do these lines all mean? How can I use the EZDJ system to expand my search engine results?  These are questions we get all the time form people. With this seminar, we will jump past the basics and show you how EZDJ can solve all of these questions for you. We will go over the metatags and meta descriptions, we will work with you on the advanced features. We will show you how you can use YouTube to post videos to your site and create more traffic to your site using YouTube, tie in with other affiliate systems through the virtual pages feature and overall get the most out of EZDJWebsites!

This and a ton more is going to be at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2009 – Check out https://www.mobilebeat.com/las-vegas-dj-show/ for more information!

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