Extroverts Have Feelings Too Part 2

October 29, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

We’re back this week with the 2nd half of the article – Extroverts have feelings too part 2.

Given that I blew up at my friends, many people would blame that on just being an extrovert and think I can get away with it.  If your friend is a true friend they will forgive you for an occasional blow up. It’s only human, and hopefully they’ll forgive you and move on.  I’m thankful that our true friends had a conversation with me and we were able to move on from that situation.  

Truth is…all personality types can blow up.  They just have different triggers. In order to avoid the trigger, it’s important to take a step back and process first. What triggers extroverts and what triggers introverts are typically different.  To get the true understanding I strongly recommend attending a personality workshop or at the very least picking up Vickie Musni’s book “Personalities For Business”.  

What’s the key to all of this.  Be kind. As mentioned, I’ve clearly been the one to blow up and made mistakes before.  We all do. It’s what you do afterwards that matters, and allows you to grow forward in your business and in your life.  


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