Extra Most Bestest Part 3

October 1, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

We wrap up this article series of Extra Most Bestest with questions you can ask in a survey to ensure you are delivering your Extra Most Bestest every single time.  When you survey your clients (you do send surveys out right?), don’t ask them to rate you on a scale of 1 to 10. Trust me, not every DJ review is the same. A 10 from one person is COMPLETELY different than a 10 from another.  It’s all in the questions you ask and how they are phrased. Here’s one: What was the main reason you chose YOUR COMPANY NAME over other entertainment options? This question gets to the heart of your USP, your unique selling position.  This should be what you are using in your marketing the most. What made you stand head and shoulders above all the others? Was it your performance? Customer Service? Cutting edge concepts and design? Go back through your last 25 surveys and tally all of the words used to answer this question.  What repeats and/or unique responses did you have? The information is telling as to whether or not you’re delivering your extra most bestest.

Here’s another question:  What is your favorite memory that Taylored Weddings played a part in from your event?  This will let you know what stood out about your service at the event itself. Maybe it’s nothing.  If so, that’s a telling sign that you need to step up your game in regards to your performance and the outcome you deliver for your client.  

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Mitch is the author of the book SALES 4 Event Pros, and has written articles for several industry publications including Promo Only, DJNews, and Mobile Beat. Mitch regularly hosts #LiveAt755, your Daily Motivational Kick Start every weekday at 7:55am on his Facebook Feed. To get yours go to Facebook.com/MitchTaylor.

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