Extra Most Bestest Part 2

September 24, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

So last week we touched upon the marketing slogan “Extra Most Bestest” from Little Caesars and how it truly is misleading, especially for a national chain.  This week we help you decide and find out if your marketing is misleading, if you’re over-promising and under-delivering and what you can do about it. Here are a few ways to discover if you’re delivering the extra most bestest, or if your company is barely at average.

Spot Checks.  Once a month I do my best to create a spot check on my team.  This is a day where I typically am not out as well, and I can visit one of them at a local venue, sit in the back corner, and see how they are truly performing.  I can critique and see if they are heard throughout the venue, are there mixes tight, do people seem happy and engaged or are they distant and not connected to the couple or the event?  “But Mitch, I’m by myself.  I’m a single op.” My friend I’ve been there too.  If that’s the case, have a friend in the area shadow you or call upon a trusted local event pro and ask them for a critique.  At least you’ll get feedback about your performance from someone in the business who isn’t going to be biased because they were busy getting hammered at the bar.  🙂  

I’ll be back next week with specific questions to ask when you survey your clients to ensure you ARE delivering your EXTRA MOST BESTEST.  

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