Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia

September 30, 2015 by DigiGames

“Incorporating Trivia into your DJ Services to ensure more bookings, more income and more customer satisfaction”hqdefault-e1434035759265

Welcome back to the blog and after yesterdays look at the various types of fun trivia themes you could use at your next event, we are looking today at another side of the coin and that is the link between DJ Services and Trivia itself. Trivia as we know is a far reaching, universal and widely enjoyed activity….as is DJ’ing. The combination of the two therefore can lead to more successful services and we will look at how you can do this.

Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia – Diversifying your services

Now, in reading this you may currently be a DJ plying your trade on weekends and looking to add some extra income into the bank account. Trivia could be your route into doing this. Have you ever considered it? if you think about it long and hard it makes a lot of sense. As a DJ you probably already have a lot of the tools you are going to need…..sound systems and microphones, communication skills, contacts, social networking presence and the bookings at bars. So why not utilize them to the full possible potential and get those bookings coming in.

Allow me to make a little prediction here if indeed you are a DJ at present…….your bookings will be mainly weekends right? Friday-Sunday you will be up until 2am partying, giving out requests and taking your stuff on the road to the latest booking. Spending your weeknights in front of the computer promoting and getting ready for the weekend ? Well, the main nights for Trivia are the exact opposite of what you are working. Monday-Thursday when the bar isn’t as busy is when they look to run trivia to get people in and get the bar full of punters looking to spend money and have a good time. This is where you come in….

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