Exchanging The Good For The Better

July 4, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

Every day, we are faced with dozens of choices we have to make. Some are between good and bad options, but a lot of them are simply between a good option and a better option. Take, for example, my lacking exercise regimen. When I wake up in the morning, I have to choose between walking to my apartment complex’s gym to run on the treadmill or sitting at the counter catching up on emails. For the past few months, I’ve unfortunately chosen the latter, and while it’s always nice to have a tidy inbox, my love handles are growing. Both are good options,

As the owner of a mobile DJ business, we make a lot of choices each day that impact our companies. For example, as we are driving to an event, how are we using our time? Are we throwing on the radio and tuning out for a few minutes before we have to work, or are we playing the newest podcast or DJ show and partaking of some education? One is a good option, but the other is better.

I see a lot of DJs take the “good” route when it comes to picking out their outfit for an event. They throw on a pair of jeans, a company polo, and their favorite sneakers. Provided they aren’t too worn or tattered, this is a good option, but can you do better? Of course. If you want to stand out from every other DJ company, you have to defy the status quo and choose the “better option.” Exchange that embroidered polo for a button-up shirt, the jeans for some chinos (khakis), and the sneakers for a chukka boot or loafer.

The number of ways you can choose the “better” option are almost endless. It may feel uncomfortable and require more mental effort in the beginning, but soon it will become as natural as choosing the “good option. You will become more polished, more trained, sharper, and more ready to move your company to the next level.

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