eWebmin’s world premiere was at the Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas!

March 13, 2009 by Mobile Beat

There has never been this much power under one roof. eWebmin (formerly DJ Webmin) has been completely re-designed from scratch with most every feature that customers over the last 10-years have been asking for!

eWebmin is the newest way to effectively manage your event booking company. It is completely web-based and fully integrated with DJ Intelligence tools for your website!

Let’s take a look at some of the new features of eWebmin:

NEW Telephone support services
Username logging in
Separate admin and staff logins
Assign roles/limitations to staff
Pricing based on how many events
Staff personalized dashboard
Weekly, monthly, yearly calendar
Create leads/events with little info
New event builder system
Assign contacts to an event
Assign staff an event role and times
Setup unlimited auto emails
Attach PDF forms to emails
Blackout date scheduling
and many more new features!
eWebmin now has a NO COST plan!

No more paying the same rate as the larger companies, just because you need to have a couple features. eWebmin is priced with how many events you book in your membership period of 12-months. There is no other service that does this, yet it makes sense!

With the re-design of DJ Webmin and all of the new features, eWebmin kept branding in mind as well. You can choose your color scheme to closely match your company color as and upload a logo to brand your eWebmin to look like you spent a ton on your own booking system. This is helpful when you are allowing your customers to see your eWebmin screen while you are setting up their booking information!

Try eWebmin as long as you wish for no charge.  Choose the eW10 plan now! http://www.ewebmin.com 

Full DJ Intelligence integration!

eWebmin now gives you FULL integration with DJ Intelligence to make the 2 services the most powerful system available today Both services are run on separate networks to maximize uptime. If one of the networks is down, the other is likely up. This is not what you get with the “all-in-one” services. Nobody can provide uptime like we do.

eWebmin works for all types of booking companies of any size:

Disc Jockeys
Limousine services
Banquet Halls
Live Bands
Event Gear Rental services
Full DJ Webmin conversion available by next week!!

You have nothing to lose. Try eWebmin for no charge as long as you wish. Find out how with our eW10 plan!  http://www.ewebmin.com 

Contact eWebmin support to answer your questions toll-free at 877-EWEBMIN today!

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